We are a Portland based confectionery company focused on using only the highest quality and natural based ingredients. Our team is led by the owner and lead creator, Robert Miller. He does all the research and taste testing to bring you the best tasting edibles around. Robert has been involved with various parts of the cannabis industry with Liberty 503, his glass blowing shop. He also has been involved in the food industry for over 20 years. Robert brings both of those worlds together in Purefectionery.


Each new item is tirelessly tested for quality and purity to ensure nothing but the highest quality for you, our friends. Not only do we make the cleanest tasting edibles but we also trial test each flavor to make sure the efficacy of each yummy bar lives up to its name.


At Purefectionery, we strive to make the most delicious edibles you have ever tasted. We use only the highest quality fruit juices and purees along with pasture raised bovine gelatin. Our goal is to make the best tasting and naturally sourced edibles that puts the smiles back on our friends faces.

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