Sunshine is a Mandarin Citrus puree fruit chew with a Sativa distillate/RSO blend. We blend our fruit puree using only the finest Mandarin Orange, Meyer Lemon and Mango. When you are ready for a taste of summer in your mouth, these Sativa-based Soft Fruit Chews will brighten up any day.


Moonlight is a Black Currant puree fruit chew with an Indica distillate./RSO blend We blend our fruit purée using only the finest Black Currant and Blood Orange juice. When you're ready to slip into something more comfortable to give you that nighttime feel, these Indica-based Soft Fruit Chews will mellow and chill.


Eclipse is a Caribbean Splash puree fruit chew with a hybrid THC distillate/RSO blend. We blend our fruit purée using only the finest Blood Orange, Guava, and Tamarind. When you need the feeling of a tropical breeze across your face and in your mouth, these Hybrid Soft Fruit Chews will enhance your day or night.


Serenity is a Tropical Kiwi puree fruit chew with a CBD Rich distillate/RSO blend. We blend our fruit purée using only the finest Kiwi, Coconut and Key Lime. When you need a break from your everyday strain, these CBD Rich Soft Fruit Chews will help you find a little peace in the world.