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Plane Cherry Pucker

Cosmic Cherry Punch is a delicious blend of Cherry Purée and Fruit Punch to create the perfect balance of fruity goodness. These tart but tasty candies are easy to segment and even easier to dose. Just one bite, and you'll feel like you were a kid again.

Big Bang Berry

Big Bang Berry is the ultimate berry blend with both Blackberry and Raspberry purée to give you the ultimate Berry experience. The tartness mixed with the sweet berries brings you back to candies from your youth. Made with real Berry fruit purée: tart and fresh to make your mouth happy. You’ll love every bite :)

SuperNova Citrus

SuperNova Citrus combines Tangerine and Lemon to create the ultimate citrus tart candy. Make your mouth water with joy as you bite into this incredible treat made with fruit juice and purée. These candies will make your mouth smile and remind you of younger days.

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