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And the Winners are...

The first batches of our delish edibles have finally shipped. Currently we can be found at CannaDaddys on SE Division in Portland as well as West Side Wellness in Aloha. As we roll out to more and more locations, we will keep you updated. The flavors of the holidays make us all remember different things. For myself, it reminds me of my brother and the food competitions we would have every year\. Always trying to out do each other seeing who could make the best ________. We were incredibly competitive yest still loved each other to bits. With the loss of him from our lives four years ago, it has changed our holidays but we still make them festive and filled with great food and tastes. May you

It's Find your Flavor day

We are getting ever closer to launching our new range of gummy soft chews. They will be in a unique form that makes them great for travel and discretion. We will have 4 flavors to choose from at launch; Sunshine: Mandarin Citrus Moonlight: Black Currant Eclipse: Carribean Splash Serenity: Tropical Kiwi All of our edibles are being made with the highest quality and most natural products we can source in compostable/recyclable materials. We have made a commitment to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible and our work flow is scheduled for optimization and efficiency. Stay tuned as the days till these delicious edibles will be in a dispensary near you.

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