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What is that?

Just here working on a new treat. These little beauties are something I've been thinking and working on for the last few months. They will be a departure from our fruit gummies and are a straight up chew, still natural and designed to help with stomach discomfort issues. I'm still not sure  if they will be a single flavor or multiple flavors. The testing is underway right now and we will keep you updated as we get closer to a release. As always, eat & smile :)

That's my wife, the one smiling....

I wanted to write today's blog after some recent personal experiences and stories that were relayed to me. In our industry there is a lot of information, not all of it real. We understand that our laws have not caught up to what is becoming more common knowledge, like cannabis is NOT a "gateway drug" and there looks like there is potential for cannabis to help people in various ways. As I recognize we have no true clinical case studies to fall back on and in no way try to say that there are any current treatments for anything specific using cannabis in any of its forms yet we can share personal stories... A long time friend of mine recently let me know that her wife was diagnosed with a very

New Friends and Flavors

Moonlight and Sunshine are gracing the kitchen today. We are making more samples as the interest for yummy and natural food based edibles increases. This image is of the yummy black currant puree that's in Moonlight. It's hard not to just lick everything that it touches lol Speaking of yummy things, we are working on a new flavor. It will be a combination of fruit and spices to help calm your stomach or senses. The first few test batches have come out quite tasty. We will keep you posted as the flavor develops and we get closer to releasing it. We would like to welcome our friends from The Green Front, 6814 NE Glisan, to the Purefectionery family. Their order just went out today. So if you'r

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