That's my wife, the one smiling....

I wanted to write today's blog after some recent personal experiences and stories that were relayed to me. In our industry there is a lot of information, not all of it real. We understand that our laws have not caught up to what is becoming more common knowledge, like cannabis is NOT a "gateway drug" and there looks like there is potential for cannabis to help people in various ways. As I recognize we have no true clinical case studies to fall back on and in no way try to say that there are any current treatments for anything specific using cannabis in any of its forms yet we can share personal stories...

A long time friend of mine recently let me know that her wife was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer. It was quite the shock to everyone, as it often is. The first thing that came to my mind was "what can I do to help?" Literally, anything I could do I wanted to. She relayed to me that her wife was undergoing treatment and due to 'X' was unable to sleep. Myself having chronic insomnia and pain shared that I use Indica edibles and they seem to help me out and offered her a variety of my edibles to see if anything helped her sleep. It's a real bitch to try and be healthy or regain your strength when you aren't sleeping and I know first hand what that's like. She was ready and open to try something that might help in some way. (for anybody that's gotten high in their life they know that cannabis can make you feel lots of things and sleepy can be one of them)

Just a few days later I heard back from my friend that her wife tried some of the edibles and finally had slept. For anyone that has had sleep issues you know what a godsend sleep can be when you don't get it. It was the Indica based edibles that had seemed to do the trick. She was sleeping and better able to deal with what was going on and my friend was so happy to see her wife get the rest she needed. I considered her one of my taste testers and gave her more, anything that would improve their lives was what was most important. I don't need the clinical study if she says she is doing better, I can just say "that's great news." She has continued to use them and get the much needed rest she needs.

I share this story with you not to say anything other than I started this company with the idea of helping people in any way that I can. That way has turned into the edibles that we are currently making. If we can help alleviate one person's whatever, even if it's just be being a friend and being there with a hug, then that's what we will do. The greatest gift happened today when I saw my friend and her wife was with her. I looked over at her and all I could see was her brilliant smile...It's our motto but it is also true, we want to put the smiles back on our friend's faces and thankfully today "that's my wife, the one smiling..."

Peace and Love to all of you

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