The Art of Edibles Dosing and How Not to Fall Off Your Face

What is an average dose? You might as well ask me what my weight is everyday...Hell if I know and I’m not telling. lol Why is this question so hard to answer? Seriously, there are a number of reasons and I will cover some, not all of them. Let’s start with the first set of questions I always ask after I’m asked “how much should I take?” “Are you a regular cannabis user? Smoke? Vape? Edibles? How often? What are you trying to achieve?” So that’s a lot to parse but we will start with ‘are you a regular user’. If you are a regular consumer of cannabis, in whatever form you choose, you already have a higher tolerance than a newbie. If you are a smoker/vaper, the edibles experience will be familiar at first as you start to feel the effects of the edible but it will soon move into more of what we would call a “body high”. That’s when your whole body feels in touch with what’s going on as opposed to a more cerebral or mental only high. Here we come to personal choice. Are you trying to sleep, reduce some pain issue, or just party? If you are a regular user, your current tolerance will effect the amount you need and may cause you to need an elevated dose to achieve your desired results. Rule of thumb: Go slow, go steady. Meaning, start off at a lower dose till you see what the effects are to you personally and see how you enjoy the effect. Then adjust accordingly. You can always have more but you have to ride the wave once you create it. This is where the newbie gets into trouble sometimes. If you are not used to the effects of cannabis and your first experience is with edibles just please, for the love of mike, go slow. You don’t know what it will feel like, everyone’s chemistry is different, and you won’t know how you will react to the effects. EVERY PERSON’S CHEMISTRY IS DIFFERENT! Read that again.... My experience may be very different from yours. You may respond better to certain strains than others. I find this very common with new users. “That made my heart race and I was all anxious...” This was from an energetic friend after taking a Sativa edible. Their chemistry didn’t mix. So yes, there is some trial and error but I emphasize TRIAL. The benefits of what cannabis can do far outweighs the time to find your perfect bite. Remember this should be fun and it may take up to 2 hours for your first dose to hit you so don't get crazy and re-dose yourself at 30 minutes because you don't feel it yet. What are you trying to achieve is, to me, the most important one to figure out first. Not all edibles are strain specific, so if you are trying to achieve certain effects, try and find strain specific edibles, period. If you want to be flat out, stoned, just really high, then you should seek out an Indica strain of edibles. These will ease pain, get you supper stoned and give great sleep. If you want to be outgoing, outside and energetic at a party, then a Sativa strain is where you go. They give a great lift in your day, don’t cloud your brain and allow you to keep focus. If you want to be high but not statuary, then a hybrid strain might be best. With these you’ll get a great sleep with easy wake up, pain relief and lots of fun. For those wanting more pain/stress/anxiety relief, we find the CBD treats the best for that. Again, depending on your chemistry depends on what you choose, straight CBD or CBD + THC. We find most people do better at effecting their issues with a combo product. If you don’t want to feel the “high”, a 2:1 CBD THC ratio works great like Purefectionery’s Serenity. You get great relief without psychotropic effects in MOST PEOPLE. Trail and error and go slow again. Here’s a side note but still on point. My mom is part of the perfect group of new edible users. There are a large number of women I meet that all are taking various medications for sleep and or sleep/anxiety issues. We notice that when they start edibles they are getting the best sleep of their lives and much happier. Depending on who they are, teetotaler or Martini girl, will effect their approach. If you are on the teetotaler side, no problem, we have the 2:1 CBD for you. You will be relaxed and get great sleep most nights and tend to not get stoned. If you enjoy your wine or cocktails you may need something a bit more and for you we suggest a Hybrid or Indica strain based edible for you. You will get great sleep and feel rested in the morning and be happy you did. It’s important to remember that everyone’s chemistry is different and all edibles are different. At Purefectionery, we work very hard to make the most consistent, strain specific edibles so you know exactly what you are getting every time you enjoy a taste of our treats. We love having strain specific options to accommodate what ever you need every day. More importantly is this, we want to put the smiles back on all our friends’ faces. So again, please go slow and test your reactions. Edibles can take up to 2 hours to kick in so taste and wait and see, then re-dose as needed. Don't think you are the Superman of cannabis.....cannabis will win if you don't follow common sense

Be well, Happy Easter and keep smiling with Purefectionery,

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